The Lazy VU pack outfit rides through a mountain valley Riding Alberta's Rocky Mountains
John Groat, outfitter, riding a paint horse.

Ride the Canadian Rockies

Breathe the clean, fresh air of the Rockies. Wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking and horse bells ringing. Ride up to a view of the mountains beyond, humbled and awed by the beauty that surrounds you. You will begin to feel that unique bond with your horse and the mountains that can't be experienced in any other way.
Based out of Hinton, Alberta, the Lazy VU outfit offers pack trips into the Willmore Wilderness area north of Banff and Jasper National Parks. Tom Groat, John's grandfather, left Edmonton for the mountains. Settling in the town of Brule, he raised work horses for local mines and outfitted.

Along with his wife Darlene, Judd eventually started his own packstring and spent many years traveling every corner of Jasper National Park and the Willmore Wilderness.

The Lazy VU is now John's brand and he and his wife Cindy carry on the family tradition. With 35 head of quality horses and the best in equipment and camp gear, they proudly offer to share a life they love with their guests.

John and Cindy Groat,  third generation Lazy VU outfit.
Cindy and John

If you love the outdoors and enjoy a mode of transportation that you can talk to, a wilderness pack trip offers many treasured memories to carry with you. Whether its your first time or hundredth, you will be please with the professional friendly service that the Lazy VU has to offer.

The Lazy VU outfitt against a mountain backdrop. Photo taken in 1934.

Well rooted in the outfitting tradition, owner-operator John Groat carries the Lazy VU brand into a third generation.

As a family, the Groats can lay claim to the fact that they were the first to settle and homestead in the area of Alberta's present day capital city, Edmonton. Main through-way Groat Road still heralds the family name.


Here his son Judd, father to John, was born. Judd grew up working with horses and outfitting with his father and other local outfitters.

Judd Groat, second generation Lazy VU  outfit.
Judd Groat 1940



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