Lazy VU pack string 
				in the Canadian Rockies. The pack string rides 
				through a mountain valley.
John Groat rides 
				a paint horse.

Departure Points
Several main trail heads serve as departure points into the Wilmore Wilderness. Depending on what your trip itinerary is, you will most likely be leaving from the Big Berland trail head.

What is a layover day?
A layover day means that the camp remains in the same spot for the day. This gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the mountains without having to pack up and move to a new camp. All layover camps offer the opportunity to go on day rides into areas that can't be seen from the main trails. Layover days also give guest the opportunity to fish, hike, splash in the creek, or just relax.

				through bighorn sheep country of the Wilmore Wilderness.

Overnight Packtrip Adventures

Packtrips range in length from four days to two weeks or longer. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, a place can be found for you. Over night pack trips take you into this mountain world, allowing you to experience its uniqueness while still providing basic comforts. Base camp is completely portable. Home becomes where the camp (and the cook) are.
Rate  $300.00 CAN per person per day plus 5% GST
On top of the world in the Wilmore Wilderness.
Adams Creek Pack Trip
Single Base Camp
4 or 5 Day Trip
This relaxing trip is a two and a half hour ride into one base camp. This means you will have plenty of time to enjoy the mountains in a wilderness camp without having to pack up and move.

A pack horse ready for a day on the trail.

Take your choice of day ride destinations.
*Ride to a mountain top where you can see the Rockies fading distantly into the horizon.
*Take an adventurous ride to a hidden alpine meadows where if you are lucky you can spot a big horn sheep.
*Take a leisurely ride up the valley with your fishing pole. You can't keep them but catch and release fishing for Dolly Varden insures that there will always be that big one to get away.
*Just spend a relaxing day in camp, enjoying the view. In the evening, sit around the camp fire and swap stories.

It's Your Trip.
It's Your Choice.
The itineraries here are sample itineraries. Choose a trip that suits your interests. If you would like to add a destination, itineraries are flexible. Layover days are also flexible. Usually there are a variety of places you can ride or hike. Not all locations offer fishing, but many do. How you spend your layover day is your choice.

Guest snoozes in the morning sunshine with his back to a tree.
Willmore Wilderness Pack Trips
Multiple Camps
6 to 14 Day Trips
The Willmore Wilderness covers 1840 square miles of remote wilderness. Hundreds of miles of inter-connected trail can take you to any number of ruggedly beautiful locations. Trip itineraries are left open to accommodate the interests of guests. Return guests often choose a different itinerary every year that will take them into new country, answering to the explorer within. Once it gets under your skin you will want to come back time and time again, just so you can see what lies over that next mountain range.
Sample Itinerary
8 Day Pack Trip(1st)
Day 1: Ride 6 hours up the Berland River valley. Stay overnight at Sunset meadows.
Day 2: Ride 2 1/2 hour over the ridge to the Muskeg River.
Day 3: Layover day. Day ride up to the beautiful and intriguing Rocky Pass or relax in camp.
Day 4: Ride 5 1/2 hours over Snow Creek Pass. Overnight at Persimmons Creek.
Day 5: Layover day. Day ride up Persimmons Creek and look down on a world that is yours for the day.
Day 6: Ride 5 1/2 hour to Adams Creek.
Day 7: Layover day. Fish, hike, relax, or ride.
Day 8: Ride 2 1/2 hour out to the Berland River Trail Head.

Forget-Me-Nots of the Rocky Mountains.
Sample Itinerary
8 Day Pack Trip(2nd)
Day 1: Ride 5 1/2 hours into Jakes Camp on the south fork of the Berland River.
Day 2: Layover day. Lots of good riding and fishing from here.
Day 3: Ride 3 hours up and over the mountains to Moon Creek.
Day 4 and 5: Layover 2 days. One day won't be enough to see all the beautiful spots here.
Day 6: Ride 6 hours back to Adams Creek.
Day 7: Layover at Adams Creek.
Day 8: Ride 2 1/2 hours out to the trail head.
Sample Itinerary
12 Day Pack Trip
Day 1: Ride 5 1/2 hours up the South Fork of the Berland River valley. Overnight at Jakes Camp.
Day 2: Layover day. Ride up to the top of one of several mountain passes, relax, or fish for the day.
Day 3: Ride 3 1/2 hours over the head waters of the North Berland to Snow Creek.
Day 4: Layover day. Day ride up Snow Creek through alpine meadows.

Paint horse blends into the  rocky surrounds of a mountain pass.

Day 5: Ride 3 hours to Blue Grouse Camp.
Day 6 and 7: Layover 2 days at Blue Grouse. Lots of gorgeous places to ride or just relax and enjoy the mountains.
Day 8: Ride 5 hours up the Sulphur River.
Day 8 Layover day. With the Persimmon Range on one side and the Starlight Range on the other, there's plenty of mountains to ride, walk, or just look at.
Day 9: Ride 5 hours up through the Eagles Nest Pass and around to the Indian Trail. Camp at the headwaters of the Wildhay River.
Day 10: Layover day. Ride up to the fantastic headwaters of the South Berland. Wow.
Day 11: Ride 4 1/2 hours along the South Fork of the Berland River to Adams Creek.
Day 12: Ride 2 1/2 hours out to the trail head.
Planning a trip? When planning a trip, it is best not to have two move days back to back. Moving camp is a lot of work and it is easier on horses, guests, and staff alike if you leave a layover day in between. Move days should range in length between 2 1/2 hours to 6 hours. Less isn't worth it and more can be pretty hard on certain parts of your body. If you go HERE we have a map of the Willmore Wilderness that may help you determine distances and locations. It's a little hard to follow but it will give you a general idea. Of course, you are not expected to plan your trip and we will know what will work and what will not. But go ahead and let your imagination wander.

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